Seth Messenger : A hunch of you

(Automatic translation)
A hunch of you
(By Seth Messenger)

My words are gold.

Each of them is worth every fortune imaginable, is unique and synonymous with change.

I don't know why, but why always ask why? It does not matter. What is, however, that every word changes things. Omnipotent, they can do anything and weave reality according to my inspiration. Inexhaustible, they tend to touch eternity, to blend into it. What a pity that I am not omniscient, then I could claim the status of God. Megalomania? Maybe not. After all, all I have to do is write an hermetic reality to others, a universe where only the laws dictated by my verbs will exist, than the beings imagined by my fertile mind. I already feel the green plant from another world. It is radiant, perhaps lacking a little light. You see her, don't you? Of course, it's written.

And that was it, wasn't it? All I had to do was talk to you for you to exist. But, in the end, my thoughts preceded my words. I had already imagined that you would read this letter. Already, I knew you'd be trapped in my world. The one I imagine right now, this black place where, out of nothingness, floats a beautiful plant. You contemplate it, you have never seen plant so pure, so beautiful. You don't have the words to describe it. Normal, let's not reverse the roles. Here, it's mine that take precedence. And you're at my mercy. What am I going to do with you? A World War II hero, an astronaut lost in the interstellar void? Well, why not a rock? Imagine a little, how peaceful your existence is, little rock. You don't have a nervous system, so you don't feel pain. We can break you, disintegrate, you won't suffer. Are you afraid of dying? Are you unhappy that you cannot act on your own, that you are subject to the will of a quidam? No, because you can't. Your consciousness as a pebble is non-existent. As your existence is peaceful, almost perfect if not that it makes no sense. Because what are you doing, little rock? It's nothing. To no one, for you are alone in the world, alone with a plant of ineffable beauty. A plant as incongruous as you. What if I left you like this, until the end of time - forever? No, what's the point?

No, no, I'd rather make you evolve, give you sensations. Don't you feel the emptiness around you now, little rock? I gave you life, a conscience. Do you like it? Oh, excuse me... You can't answer me. You are just an inanimate rock, you have no mouth or vocal cords. So what are you waiting for, grown up, becomes the egg of yourself. There, you bleached eye, you hurt because your sensory system is not adapted to the shape you take now. Nerves are tearing, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. It's painful, unbearable. That's it, it's over. You're ready to hatch, my egg, my child. You're in good shape and give a little snarling blows to get out of your shell, would you be mad at me? That's it. You have hatched, welcome in my world, you do not have time to see the beautiful plant that already lungs implod, your body dies in excruciating suffering. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. There is no air here. But don't worry, I'm not going to let your mind die.

Aren't you that good? Your tiny piaf brain floats in a survival jar, itself tossed around in the darkness of my world. Hagards, your bird eyes have no other elements to perceive than my plant, my pretty plant. Your friend, right? I created it for you, after all. It's normal that you like it, it's written.

Ah, what a joy it is to think, right? Of course, your dreams aren't very advanced yet. You only have a sparrow brain, after all. Would you like to have more, would you like infinite knowledge, relating to the very essence of things? Yes, don't let that hold, my chick. Do you smell? The growths? That crackling inside your head, from the outside to the inside. I'm making you a custom cortex. It is slightly more inflated than the average human, a bonus for being wise. How comfortable you are, what a feeling of ease in perceiving and understanding things, isn't it? But this is only the first effect, the second, I leave you the leisure to discover it for yourself.

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mandarin : 你的预感 | french : Mon Ange | english : My angel | mandarin : 拉兰德 | spanish : Una corazonada de ti | german : Neuigkeiten hinter der Scheibe. | english : To the wrath of the righteous | french : Une intuition de toi | french : Qui est Seth Messenger ? | mandarin : 正义的愤怒 | english : You would like to read more? | french : Mon nom est Pierre | french : Patience | english : A hunch of you | english : The Wait | german : Wer ist Seth Messenger? | german : Mein Engel | english : New beginning | german : Die Lande | spanish : Mi nombre es Peter | german : Auf die Wut des Gerechten | spanish : La Lande | french : Aux colères du juste | spanish : ¿Quién es Seth Messenger? | english : My name is Pierre | mandarin : 来自玻璃后面的消息 | spanish : Va a pasar cerca de ti. | french : Ca arrivera près de chez vous | spanish : Nuevo comienzo | german : Neuer Anfang | english : Who is Seth Messenger? | mandarin : 耐心 | english : The Moor | german : Geduld | spanish : Paciencia | english : It's going to happen near you | mandarin : 我的天使 | french : La Lande | spanish : A la ira de los justos | mandarin : 我叫彼得 | spanish : Noticias desde detrás del cristal | english : News from behind the glass | mandarin : 你想多读些吗? | german : Mein Name ist Pierre. | german : Möchten Sie mehr lesen? | french : Nouveau départ | spanish : Mi ángel | french : Vous aimeriez en lire d'avantage ? | german : Es wird in Ihrer Nähe passieren. | mandarin : 赛斯信使是谁? | french : Des nouvelles de derrière la vitre | spanish : ¿Le gustaría leer más? | german : Eine Ahnung von dir | mandarin : 它会发生在你附近。 | mandarin : 新开始 |

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