Seth Messenger : My angel

(Automatic translation)
My angel
(By Seth Messenger)

- say MOM, inquired the tinny voice. How do you make a baby? .

Embarrassed, Emma Call turned suddenly from his holographic novel to watch the end of cabbage. A small hooked nose on a face beaming, punctuated by big innocent and curious eyes. Stella, her daughter, celebrating everything just its eight spring.

- MOM, grew impatient with fun Stella. How do you make a baby?

Emma still hesitated a moment then sighed. What else if not the truth?

- well, began. We can't make it, my Angel. Today, there are galleries neutroides.

The little bit of woman go wide his big green eyes:

- what is the neutroides galleries?

- well... This is where they make babies... with much love.

While browsing the shelves of the neutroides galleries, Emma remembered that he was a day given his grandmother, shortly before his death. On the life of before the big shift, time of men and women. It was a time that neither she nor her mother had known and who had always intrigued him. How...

- so is where you make a baby, MOM? Interrupted her Stella, who was playing alongside him.

- Yes, my Angel. This is it.

- how are we doing? chirped.

- well... You see all these boxes colored on the shelves?

Stella laid a careful look around her before nodded seriously.

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mandarin : 你的预感 | french : Mon Ange | english : My angel | mandarin : 拉兰德 | spanish : Una corazonada de ti | german : Neuigkeiten hinter der Scheibe. | english : To the wrath of the righteous | french : Une intuition de toi | french : Qui est Seth Messenger ? | mandarin : 正义的愤怒 | english : You would like to read more? | french : Mon nom est Pierre | french : Patience | english : A hunch of you | english : The Wait | german : Wer ist Seth Messenger? | german : Mein Engel | english : New beginning | german : Die Lande | spanish : Mi nombre es Peter | german : Auf die Wut des Gerechten | spanish : La Lande | french : Aux colères du juste | spanish : ¿Quién es Seth Messenger? | english : My name is Pierre | mandarin : 来自玻璃后面的消息 | spanish : Va a pasar cerca de ti. | french : Ca arrivera près de chez vous | spanish : Nuevo comienzo | german : Neuer Anfang | english : Who is Seth Messenger? | mandarin : 耐心 | english : The Moor | german : Geduld | spanish : Paciencia | english : It's going to happen near you | mandarin : 我的天使 | french : La Lande | spanish : A la ira de los justos | mandarin : 我叫彼得 | spanish : Noticias desde detrás del cristal | english : News from behind the glass | mandarin : 你想多读些吗? | german : Mein Name ist Pierre. | german : Möchten Sie mehr lesen? | french : Nouveau départ | spanish : Mi ángel | french : Vous aimeriez en lire d'avantage ? | german : Es wird in Ihrer Nähe passieren. | mandarin : 赛斯信使是谁? | french : Des nouvelles de derrière la vitre | spanish : ¿Le gustaría leer más? | german : Eine Ahnung von dir | mandarin : 它会发生在你附近。 | mandarin : 新开始 |

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