Seth Messenger : My name is Pierre

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My name is Pierre
(By Seth Messenger)

It's weird the world.

First, it has neither head nor tail. Nobody is sure that it started a day and not more people don't say it will end one day. Everywhere on the planet, it is well known, we still imagine that there life in front of you. Of course, from time to time, we like to give chills. We imagine knocked down by a hit-and-run driver, victim of a heart attack or fall unexpectedly a piece of Russian orbital station on the corner of the figure.

But in truth, you can never really imagine the end. If this is achieved, it is dead. Finally, it is my opinion what. There can be no other value than that you may assign, if you will.

So, I said, it's weird world.

Already, got to see the mess that it is at the level of languages. From one corner to the other of the globe, no one is more talking the same language. Suddenly, with immigration and everything, no one will understand. By my home, is one neighborhood to the other should be a translator, from time. But it's how the world. Change country to find work, the dream, or to escape those who kill in the name of a God who is love, a leader that wants peace... on his small plot of planet.

Yes, people are fleeing, are seeking.

Population mobility, it's called. Of course, we still think it's better to the neighbor, when you think. Because there's also who do not think, more and more. These, they wake up to go to school, to work and they go home at night to talk to sleep with the TV. The days come and go. And then one day, they are old. Metro, work, sleep. Why not, after all?

Ah, the job. It's a really weird thing.

If you don't have any, you don't exist. You eat in the garbage and you drink in bottles of Whisky. And then also, you pus. Finally, do you believe or you don't believe, you become invisible. Other people, those who work, they see you more, hear more. Even the smell of trash you carry they can't stand her.

When you don't have a job, when you got so cold and hungry that you can imagine the end of it. And, that means you finally know what it tastes the roots of dandelion. You rest in peace, and your stinking carcass is finally useful to the larvae of flies who are hungry also.

But maybe it's better for you, afterall.

When you have a job, you spend all your time to earn money you use to buy plenty of stupid things you no use. Besides, you're not happily, because in front of you, there's always a guy who earns more and you can buy even more useless things than you. And you would like to power also, so you work more. You sleep less, you get more tired and you live more in more trouble with more more unnecessary stuff piling up at home. You don't even know more where to put your feet.

In addition, when you work, you do everything to keep him.

You don't want to become invisible or turn you into Canigou to fly larva, by a beautiful winter evening. Then you swallow your dignity, you dressed your personality and you saw your dreams that go beyond. You have to please your boss who also planed by the philosophy work for work, turns out be a perfect hole the. Often constipated, in addition. You're unhappy at work, stressed in transit and you have more time to live next door. Sometimes you wonder if it wouldn't be better to open your own factory of Canigou, to enter into the system and, finally, to become boss your turn. You you're not bad planed across into pan; the harder it will be to learn the art of constipation.

Or you can choose to become, your turn, one of these so Frisky ethyl spectra. Like the angels, you'll be invisible. Will see you only children. They'll tell you that you're only a bum who smells the booze, if you can get, history of warm you up a little the body and mind, before the grand finale. At least, you'll have time for you, you'll be free. That's all you have left.


This is how the world. A great global village where no one speaks the same language, but where we have all in common two things. The first is we're still alone. The second is that we want all of the job in order to buy stuff to make you feel less alone. Finally, there's still who thought to something great. They learned the language of the other. As a result, they can communicate, to be less alone. But still need that they work to eat. So they have more time to communicate.

But it was not always like that, you know, the world.

Weird, I mean. Before, there's ages and ages, we worked to live, according to their needs and desires. We had the time. Live it was called. Things were less weird, and life had much sense of wealth.

Today, we no longer live. We live to work.

But we console, because a small, a small handful of us are doing well. Them, they haven't needed to work to live. And, as they have not envy either, they just live on the backs of others. For them, life has no price. It is free. The weirdness of the world, it's so maybe a good? Isn't it?

Surely, Yes. Otherwise, we would not do the world what it is. We're still not an idiot.

Insipid happiness of a few well justifies material or spiritual several billion others misery?

Surely, Yes.


Who am I to question the collective wisdom? So weird character in the world?

Finally, what I say, me, it's for you. Personally, I like the world. I want my place, stoically. And you know why?

Isn't it? I'll tell you. It's because my name is Pierre. Finally, this isn't really my name or my name also. In fact, Pierre, that's what I am. A stone, a rock. That's why the world I like, even though it is weird.

How about you? What are you?


Philippe Jouy a.k.a Seth Messenger, completed on Wednesday, July 21, 1999.

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mandarin : 你的预感 | french : Mon Ange | english : My angel | mandarin : 拉兰德 | spanish : Una corazonada de ti | german : Neuigkeiten hinter der Scheibe. | english : To the wrath of the righteous | french : Une intuition de toi | french : Qui est Seth Messenger ? | mandarin : 正义的愤怒 | english : You would like to read more? | french : Mon nom est Pierre | french : Patience | english : A hunch of you | english : The Wait | german : Wer ist Seth Messenger? | german : Mein Engel | english : New beginning | german : Die Lande | spanish : Mi nombre es Peter | german : Auf die Wut des Gerechten | spanish : La Lande | french : Aux colères du juste | spanish : ¿Quién es Seth Messenger? | english : My name is Pierre | mandarin : 来自玻璃后面的消息 | spanish : Va a pasar cerca de ti. | french : Ca arrivera près de chez vous | spanish : Nuevo comienzo | german : Neuer Anfang | english : Who is Seth Messenger? | mandarin : 耐心 | english : The Moor | german : Geduld | spanish : Paciencia | english : It's going to happen near you | mandarin : 我的天使 | french : La Lande | spanish : A la ira de los justos | mandarin : 我叫彼得 | spanish : Noticias desde detrás del cristal | english : News from behind the glass | mandarin : 你想多读些吗? | german : Mein Name ist Pierre. | german : Möchten Sie mehr lesen? | french : Nouveau départ | spanish : Mi ángel | french : Vous aimeriez en lire d'avantage ? | german : Es wird in Ihrer Nähe passieren. | mandarin : 赛斯信使是谁? | french : Des nouvelles de derrière la vitre | spanish : ¿Le gustaría leer más? | german : Eine Ahnung von dir | mandarin : 它会发生在你附近。 | mandarin : 新开始 |

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