Seth Messenger : To the wrath of the righteous

(Automatic translation)
To the wrath of the righteous
(By Seth Messenger)

The monument entered my office.

The arched shoulders, the empty gaze and the appesanti step. I say the monument, not out of mockery, but to make it clear how man was endowed with an extraordinary body. Undoubtedly obese, he had to measure well within two meters. His puffy, greasy face looked more like a marshmallow mask ready to fall than that of a twenty-year-old. And yet, Luc Granveau, was twenty years old. Recently, according to the letter I had read the day before. It seemed like double that.

I was watching him from the back of my chair, serenely:

" Please, Luke. Settle down, I told him simply by designating him a psychoanalytic couch that could not be more traditional. "

He performed with infinite weariness, lying down without further ado on the leather couch tanned by human misery. His impressive ribcage rose loudly, as if the crossing of the room had required the man a superhuman effort.

After a few seconds of respite, I decided to get to the heart of the matter. I had to find a suitable catcher, two or three innocuous words that could take us to the heart of the problem quickly. I watched him closely, looking for clues:

- "Then, Luke, I said with connivance. How are you doing? "

He, fixing the panelled ceiling of my closet:

- "Everything I'm going to tell you won't come out of these walls, will it? The molosse inquired in a voice as tired as it was greasy. "

- "Of course, Luke. I am bound to confidentiality, how much would you even confess to me a crime. "

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mandarin : 你的预感 | french : Mon Ange | english : My angel | mandarin : 拉兰德 | spanish : Una corazonada de ti | german : Neuigkeiten hinter der Scheibe. | english : To the wrath of the righteous | french : Une intuition de toi | french : Qui est Seth Messenger ? | mandarin : 正义的愤怒 | english : You would like to read more? | french : Mon nom est Pierre | french : Patience | english : A hunch of you | english : The Wait | german : Wer ist Seth Messenger? | german : Mein Engel | english : New beginning | german : Die Lande | spanish : Mi nombre es Peter | german : Auf die Wut des Gerechten | spanish : La Lande | french : Aux colères du juste | spanish : ¿Quién es Seth Messenger? | english : My name is Pierre | mandarin : 来自玻璃后面的消息 | spanish : Va a pasar cerca de ti. | french : Ca arrivera près de chez vous | spanish : Nuevo comienzo | german : Neuer Anfang | english : Who is Seth Messenger? | mandarin : 耐心 | english : The Moor | german : Geduld | spanish : Paciencia | english : It's going to happen near you | mandarin : 我的天使 | french : La Lande | spanish : A la ira de los justos | mandarin : 我叫彼得 | spanish : Noticias desde detrás del cristal | english : News from behind the glass | mandarin : 你想多读些吗? | german : Mein Name ist Pierre. | german : Möchten Sie mehr lesen? | french : Nouveau départ | spanish : Mi ángel | french : Vous aimeriez en lire d'avantage ? | german : Es wird in Ihrer Nähe passieren. | mandarin : 赛斯信使是谁? | french : Des nouvelles de derrière la vitre | spanish : ¿Le gustaría leer más? | german : Eine Ahnung von dir | mandarin : 它会发生在你附近。 | mandarin : 新开始 |

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